Veteran’s Airlift Command (VAC)

Understanding the importance of family during the road to recovery, the Veterans Airlift Command brings injured soldiers and their families together in a time of great emotional and physical distress. The VAC unites combat wounded dealing with devastating injuries and long-term hospitalizations in facilities that may be hundreds of miles away from their families by providing air transportation for their families to travel to the medical facilities where Veterans are receiving treatment.

Many aircraft owners who volunteer are also pilots who welcome the opportunity to perform this valuable service. Some owners come from military backgrounds themselves, while others are seasoned aviators or simply passionate about flying. But they all have one thing in common: the desire to serve those who have served us.

The Carrington Charitable Foundation (CCF) and the VAC have maintained a close relationship with one goal: helping our wounded Heroes return home. To date, CCF has completed more than 150 VAC missions, flown nearly 900 passengers and is the top flight and financial donor of the VAC.

The VAC also transports Veterans to different treatment centers if they require specialized medical attention, or to events like the New York or Boston marathons, where many Veterans compete as part of their rehabilitation. VAC has often been honored to bring wounded Veterans home for the very first time following their injuries. To the VAC, taking care of wounded troops is a priority and a step forward in paying back the enormous debt owed to these heroes.

More than 97 percent of total in-kind donations and funds raised by the VAC throughout the year go directly to the cause, with the remaining funds used for administrative purposes.