Carrington Charitable Foundation’s (CCF) Veteran-focused Signature Programs offer diverse support for Veterans by providing the Mobility, Stability, Purpose, and Prosperity these Heroes need and deserve.

  • Mobility– CCF’s ongoing support of the Veteran’s Airlift Command (VAC) helps to provide free private air transportation for wounded Veterans and their families, easing the burden of travel for medical, work and compassion reasons.
  • Stability– Through CCF’s Carrington House, we provide custom, adaptive housing for post-9/11 combat wounded Veterans enabling them to regain independence in their own homes.  This is accomplished by repairing, renovating or constructing a home tailored to the specific needs of each Veteran and their family. 
  • Purpose– By supporting other like-minded non-profits, CCF provides resources to improve the mental health of Veterans transitioning from military service life to a civilian lifestyle.
  • Prosperity– Addressing the employment rate of Veterans, CCF assists Veterans who are transitioning out of military service life into a civilian life, by supporting programs that teach interviewing skills, resume assistance and aid Veterans in applying skills they learned during their service life to the civilian workforce.

MOBILITY - Veteran’s Airlift Command (VAC)

The Veterans Airlift Command (VAC) provides free private air transportation to wounded Veterans of Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) through a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots. More than 97% of funds raised by the VAC go directly to the cause. Carrington Charitable Foundation (CCF) is proud to be the top flight and financial donor of the VAC.

STABILITY - Carrington House

CCF’s signature program, Carrington House, strives to give our wounded military Veterans who have returned from service and who need support a home they deserve and can call their own.

Purpose and Prosperity – Veteran Support Program

The Veteran Support Program focuses on rounding out CCF’s mission to support our Veterans. This is CCF’s newest program focusing on easing the transition for our Veterans back to a civilian life after their time of service by supporting other like-minded non-profits who are working in the same space to improve the mental health and mindset of our Veterans as they return to a civilian life post service.