Veterans Need Your Help

March 03, 2019

CCF’s Carrington House program strives to give wounded military Veterans who have returned from service and need support a home they deserve and can call their own. To date, more than 20 Carrington Houses have been built and/or remodeled by CCF to suit the needs of wounded Vets and their families. Our latest two, both in North Carolina, are near completion, but they need your help with some of the finishing touches.

The Carrington Houses for Retired Senior Chief Petty Officer Ward Taft and Air Force Senior Airman Aubrey Hand and their families still need finishing touches like furniture, landscaping and finishing touches to make these houses homes. Click here to contribute to finishing these projects for these deserving Veterans and their families.

“These homes help our wounded Vets live comfortably and independently,” says Brittany Barnes, CCF’s Community Outreach Specialist. “Being able to move about their homes in a wheelchair, reach a light switch that’s low enough or that they can adjust from an iPad or use a shower without calling upon a caregiver – these are the things that make a huge difference. These donations are what help us make those smaller adjustments in a home. Our goal is restoring that independence these Vets had temporarily lost.”

The two current Carrington House projects were designed to accommodate injuries Ward and Aubrey sustained in combat deployments. Those range from lost limbs and vision impairment to traumatic brain injury. Ward’s household includes his service dog, Dr. Doolittle, who helps him maintain his balance and navigate everyday tasks.

How Carrington House Selects Veterans
How are Veterans chosen for a Carrington House renovation? Some reach out to CCF personally, while others are recommended by Veterans and Organizations whom CCF has helped in the past. There’s an application process and a site visit to establish what’s needed and what CCF will be able to do. These members of our extended Carrington family – Veterans still making that transition to civilian life – can look forward to living in a Carrington House designed around their special needs. Your contributions make that possible.