Veterans Airlift Command Delivers 10,000th Passenger

March 18, 2015

VACOn March 16th the Veterans Airlift Command (VAC), a national network of volunteer aircrafts and pilots, flew its impressive 10,000th mission and delivered passengers Sergeant Jesse Murphree, his wife Ashlee, their young son Brody, and Murphree’s service dog Atticus, from Maryland to their home in Florida. 

Murphree, a Sergeant with the 173rd Airborne Combat Team, lost both legs above the knee to an anti-tank mine in Afghanistan back in 2007. The VAC flew Murphree and his family to Maryland two weeks ago for his 63rd surgery. His story is one of 10,000 that demonstrate the importance of the VAC and their mission to connect wounded Veterans with their families and treatment centers through private air transport.

For over a decade, The Veterans Airlift Command has provided free air transportation to post 9/11 combat wounded and their families for medical and other compassion purposes through a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots. The financial, mental and physical burdens that come with commercial flying can be overwhelming for wounded Veterans and their families, and this crucial service makes it easier for them to travel with their injuries.

As an enthusiastic supporter of the Veterans Airlift Command, Carrington Aviation has participated in numerous charitable missions for the VAC since 2008, donating the services of our fleet to provide this crucial service free of charge as a way to honor their extraordinary sacrifices. Witnessing Veteran’s stories first hand through these flights, Carrington’s connection with the VAC served as the inspiration to give our wounded Heroes of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts a home they can call their own using the resources at our fingertips.

To further support the VAC, a portion of the funds raised by Carrington Charitable Foundation at the Annual Golf Classic directly benefit the Veterans Airlift Command’s annual operating budget to continue the vital service they provide for our Heroes and their families.

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