This 2022 Veterans Day

November 10, 2022

A Message from Bruce Rose

On Veterans Day, we honor and remember every man and woman who has ever worn the uniform of our country’s armed forces. These brave souls wore the colors of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, in times of war and peace. They stepped forward and swore an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution and our nation’s laws against all enemies, foreign and domestic – an oath many of them honored at great personal cost and sacrifice. 

U.S. Veterans have earned our respect and gratitude after a career of selflessly defending our nation’s ideals and protecting freedom around the world. On Veterans Day, we are reminded of the opportunity to reflect on the heroism, dedication and honor of these brave men and women who were so often in harm’s way, far from home, family and friends. 

If you talk to most American Veterans, they are proud of the missions during which they served; and they are deeply invested in the future of this great nation. For Veterans, military service is a burden shared by their families, who endure the burden of long deployments and frequent relocations. Through their support and selfless dedication, Veterans and their families contribute to the readiness of our nation. 

Today, more than 16 million Veterans live in towns across America. They are our neighbors, our friends, members of our families and our loved ones. Many have endured the shock and pain of combat; and some are now disabled for life. All who served have given up some of the best years of their lives. We must never forget their service and sacrifice. 

At Carrington and Vylla, we are committed to serving the ever-evolving needs of Veterans and their families. Carrington Mortgage Services helps more than 109,000 Veteran families with their home mortgage needs through VA loans. 

We also provide ongoing support and services for Veterans and their families through our company charity, Carrington Charitable Foundation (CCF). CCF’s Signature Programs to support Veterans are guided by the four essential pillars of Mobility, Stability, Purpose and Prosperity – through which CCF works to assist Veterans of post-9/11 conflicts as they rejoin the civilian society they served to protect and defend. 

As part of its commitment to the Mobility pillar, CCF financially supports The Veterans Airlift Command (VAC). Working with a network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots, the VAC provides free private air transportation for Veterans of the post-9/11 conflicts and their families. The VAC has flown more than 20,000 passengers to date; and Carrington Aviation has provided more than 250 flights to Veterans since 2009. 

CCF built or extensively remodeled 28 fully adapted homes for catastrophically wounded Veterans, providing essential Stability for deserving families during times of extraordinary uncertainty. In 2021, CCF embarked on a new mission: providing welcome relief for Gold Star families during extraordinarily stressful times by removing the burden of a mortgage. To date we have paid off the mortgages of two Gold Star families, and we will do more in the near term. 

Since 2017 CCF has proudly supported The Honor Foundation (THF), opening a pathway for Prosperity for Special Operations Forces returning home to enjoy the benefits of the society that they served to protect. 

Veteran heroes are all around us. They drive past us on America’s highways. They stand with you at the grocery store. Your eyes might meet while filling up your car at a gas station. They look like all of us, because they are like all of us, save for the memories they carry of a fight they were prepared to meet against an enemy on a foreign shore – one who was likely almost as determined to take from us what we hold so dear. Almost. Because the heroes who walk among us would not yield in their zeal to preserve the freedoms we must never take for granted. 

On this Veterans Day, we salute the service and the sacrifices of Veterans everywhere who have given so much while defending our nation’s freedom – including the many Veterans who have trusted us to help them find and get a loan for a home, and the Veteran Carrington Associates all around us.

Bruce Rose
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
of The Carrington Companies