The Latest from Carrington House

March 20, 2021

We’re so pleased to continue to provide you with updates about our current Carrington House projects. With the recent completion of a home for U.S. Army Sergeant Matthew Melancon, we currently have two new homes underway for our deserving Veterans. 

CCF broke ground in June 2020 on a home for U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Matthew Miles and his wife, Maria. In October 2020, construction started on a new home for U.S. Marine Corporal Michael Jernigan and his wife, KimberLee. 

As always, thanks to Clay Morgan, VP, Facilities, for Carrington Mortgage Holdings, for updates on these projects and photos of their progress. 

Miles Project:
Although recent historic weather has caused a bit of a delay, interior work is progressing nicely. Cabinet work and tile are complete, and interior painting has begun. Appliances are ready to be delivered and installed by the end of March, and completion of the project is on track for the end of April. 

Jernigan Project:
Rough framing is complete and work has begun on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing stage of the project. With no further weather delays expected, the project should be complete in mid-June.

The Miles Home


The Jernigan Home