Special Focus on Veterans in 2018

January 17, 2018

Carrington believes in Veterans-focused programs. At CCF, we plan to expand our efforts and sharpen our focus on those who have served this year. Here are some of the ways we continue to assist Veterans under our mantra of Mobility, Stability, Purpose & Prosperity:

MOBILITY: The Veteran’s Airlift Command provides flight services for injured soldiers and their families to alleviate emotional and physical distress. Thanks to volunteer pilots and aircraft owners, the VAC has flown more than 700 passengers, transporting combat wounded and their loved ones to medical facilities across the country. The VAC also takes Veterans to treatment centers for specialized medical attention, and helps them travel to events like the New York City and Boston Marathons, which many vets compete in as part of their rehab. More than 97 percent of total in-kind donations and funds raised by the VAC throughout the year go directly to the cause.

STABILITY: Carrington House provides new homes, home adaptations and renovations for injured Veterans and their families, and finds housing near military medical centers for families who need to be close to a Veteran during treatment and recovery. Four houses were completed in 2017, adding to the 18 completed in the three previous years. Four more are underway in 2018 for Veterans currently going through the application process.

PURPOSE AND PROSPERITY: The CCF Project Group helps Veterans who are budding entrepreneurs with ideas for new businesses, products and/or empowering projects. The Project Group guides them through building a business plan, helps find seed money and continues mentorship right through the launch. Working with organizations such as GallantFew and The Honor Foundation (created for Navy SEALS and the U.S. Special Operations community), the CCF Project Group actively seeks Veterans who need support with their entrepreneurship ideas as they make the transition to civilian life. Contact them at ccf@carringtonmh.com.