Our New Veteran Support Program

April 01, 2017

While the CCF has always made room for all kinds of charities, our core mission for the foundation’s Signature Programs is to support Veterans who have served our nation’s military to protect our freedom. With that in mind, CCF has since expanded its focus by launching the new Veteran Support Program.

As CCF’s new signature program, the Veteran Support Program’s goal is to round out CCF’s military mission, which is rooted in the pillars of mobility, stability, purpose and prosperity. For numerous years, CCF has provided mobility and stability – mobility through the organization’s support of the Veterans Air Lift Command, and stability through Carrington House. But now the time has come to expand the vision.

“We discovered early on that mobility wasn’t the only thing we could provide, and now we’ve realized that we can go beyond stability as well,” said Shelly Lawrence, CCF’s Executive Director of Community Relations. “Purpose and prosperity are especially important to a Veteran returning home from service and rejoining society as a civilian.”

To further this mission, CCF is looking to partner with like-minded nonprofits working to ease the transition back into civilian life. While focusing on mobility and stability, CCF believes expanding this focus to include purpose and prosperity will further help support the Veteran community.

CCF is currently looking into a few other foundations to support for this initiative, and plan to announce the new partnerships during the June Gala event, which marks the official launch of the new program. Focus of the mission includes supporting other like-minded nonprofits, and supporting Veterans who want to start their own businesses by offering entrepreneurial opportunities and business planning advice.

We’re proud to announce this new initiative, and we look forward to sharing more news about the program soon!


The new Veteran Support Program signifies an expanded focus for CCF.

Vets2 The June CCF Gala will mark the official launch of the new program.