Meet the Pepper Family

March 21, 2017

Carrington House is hard at work on a number of new homes for valued and deserving Veterans this year, but we wanted to introduce you to another home project for a deserving Veteran that we’re adding to our roster. Say hello to Jason Pepper and his wonderful family!

Jason Pepper is a 10-year army Veteran and medically retired Staff Sergeant. He was wounded in Iraq on May 7th, 2004 and suffered extensive injuries. He’s completely blind, broke his right arm, sustained damage to his left hand, and has minimal feelings in his fingertips. But through sheer tenacity and iron will, Jason has not only survived, he’s learned to thrive. He now lives a full, rich life with his wife, Heather, and their three children, Naomi, Cheyanne and Michael. Jason also has a loyal guide dog, Rubin.

Jason and his family were in desperate need of home repairs that would make it easier for Jason to get around and enjoy his home. Carrington House was introduced to the Pepper family through Andrew Lourake of the Veterans Airlift Command. After preliminary phone discussions, the Carrington House team flew out to the Pepper home in San Antonio, Texas, and met with the family. A plan quickly formed – the Pepper home has officially completed the planning and design phase, and Carrington House is slated to begin construction this week!

There’s a lot of work to be done, but the Carrington House & Carrington Development teams are ready for the challenge. To start, they’re reconfiguring the master bathroom layout for ease of mobility, including rebuilding the shower to be walk-in style with a bench and grab bars for Jason. The laundry room will also be reconfigured so Jason can move around it easier, and there are plans to build an office to suit Jason, too.

The team will also be adding a dumb waiter on the garage level that will make it easier to unload bags and groceries from the car, moving them up to the main level of the house with ease. The second floor’s carpet will be replaced, and there will be an extended porch in the backyard that will give Jason access from the master bedroom. Lastly, there are plans to deal with water accumulation in the backyard, which will be addressed with grading and French drains.

The Pepper family has been so excited about the changes to their home, and they can’t wait to start construction – and experience the additional accessibility the remodel will give Jason! We’re honored to be working with the Peppers and look forward to giving you more information on their home build-out as time goes on. Stay tuned for updates!

 Love is in the air for Jason and Heather.

 Staff Sgt. Jason Pepper bravely recovers from the injuries he sustained in Iraq in May 2004.

 They're growing up! It's back to school for the Pepper kids.