Hero Jason Ross Moves into New Custom Home

August 26, 2015

We are honored to welcome the Ross family home to their new specially adapted home in Southern California!

Jason Ross, a native of Livermore, California, joined the United States Marine Corps in 2001. After returning from a tour in Japan in 2004, he reenlisted to a new field — explosive ordnance disposal (EOD). On his second deployment to Afghanistan in March 2011, Jason stepped on an improvised explosive device. He survived the blast, but lost both of his legs, and part of his pelvic bone.

This specially adapted home, completed in August 2015 and built with the construction management oversight of The Carrington Companies was designed to fit the needs of Jason and his family. Jason is able to move about using a Paramobile, a wheelchair-like device that allows him to remain upright as if standing. This helps to increase Jason’s blood circulation and stretches his tendons. “With that chair, I can actually go do things,” Jason said. “I can play with my kids. I can go to the park, go in the sand, go to the swing set, chase them on the beach.”

We are proud to welcome Jason and the Ross family to their forever home!