Clingman and Pepper Family Updates

July 31, 2017

The Carrington House team has been hard at work on home projects for the families of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Jesse Clingman and U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Jason Pepper. Everyone is curious about their progress, so here’s an update:

First, things are moving along nicely for the Clingman family home. According to Brandon Nicholas, VP of Carrington Development Company, Carrington House has now poured the foundation for the garage addition, demoed the interior of the main house, and poured the concrete for the framing of the garage and interior of the home.

The Clingman project entails remodeling an existing three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath house, turning it into a five-bedroom, three-bathroom house. Carrington Construction is updating the master bathroom with a shower and bathroom area that have turnaround room for a wheelchair. Next is the addition of two bedrooms in the existing garage, expansion of a bathroom where the bedrooms are going to be and, because the garage space is being used for extra bedrooms, Carrington Construction is adding a garage with a workshop area for Jesse.

Brandon says the Clingman project began with some challenges. Even though the Carrington House team found a great property, putting the extra bedrooms on the second level wasn’t easily accessible for Jesse.

“Early on, we decided to put the bedrooms on the first level for the kids, and expanded the garage to include a two-car garage, along with Jesse getting a workshop,” says Brandon. “The planning stage was especially important to make sure we had the right layout for the family, which all took place in June and July.”

Meanwhile, the Pepper family home remodel is also moving forward. The plan was to remodel different areas of the home to accommodate Jason, including removing carpet and installing hardwood flooring, which the Carrington House team has already accomplished.

“The master bath also has been gutted so we can make it more accessible for Jason,” Brandon says. “To better accommodate his blindness, we created a more open floorplan and added a bench in the shower, with grab bars for stability.” The master bathroom is halfway done; and the carpentry needed throughout the home is in the final stages.

The team also installed a generator in the Pepper home, with plans to grade out the backyard, where the family had water damage and flooding. They’re also creating two offices in a bonus room or loft area – one for Jason and one for his wife. And lastly, they’re putting in a dumbwaiter from the garage level to the second floor. Brandon says, “With the garage on the first level, the dumbwaiter will help a lot, and Jason won’t have to carry groceries from the garage to the kitchen.”

The Peppers are living in their home during renovations, but recently returned after a family visit to California. “They just got back last week, were pleased to see the progress and they’re excited to see it finished,” Brandon reports.

As for the Clingmans? “They’re overjoyed,” says Brandon. “The planning stages took a little longer, but now that things are moving along, they’re really excited. They’re following up every day. And they live so close, they drive by every day to see how it’s coming along.”

Current plans are to have the Pepper home completed by the end of this month, while the goal is to have the Clingman home completed in October. We’ll continue to keep you updated on each home’s progress.

Beautiful new windows are just part of the plan for the Clingman home.

As with many injured Veterans, accessibility is critically important at the Clingman home.

Things are really coming along here at the Pepper home.

The hardwood flooring looks great in the Pepper home.