CCF Goes Virtual For Carrington House

July 20, 2020

This year, even during this time of uncertainty, CCF is continuing to fulfill our commitments to the organizations and Veterans we support. But we need your help now more than ever. In lieu of an in-person event for the 10th Annual Golf Classic, we’ve created opportunities for our supporters and donors to have a direct impact on the homes in progress for U.S. Marine Corporal Michael Jernigan and U.S. Army Sergeant Matthew Melancon provided by our Carrington House program. Donations to this program mean more now than ever to these Veterans, as we navigate through this time of change, just as they navigated through their time of change after returning home injured. 

Please watch our short video on Michael Jernigan and Matthew Melancon as they share their daily struggles in their current living situations, how their new home will impact their lives and what home means to them. 

Stay tuned for more information on a virtual event and silent auction in October 2020. 

Our work is never done. We are continuing to strive to make the lives of our Veterans just a little bit better; and we are always humbled by the support you provide that allows us to continue the programs that serve Veterans and other deserving nonprofit organizations. Thank you for joining us in the mission to aide our nation’s Heroes. Your support makes all the difference! 

Thank you for considering supporting Carrington House.