Carrington House Updates

May 16, 2016

Carrington House has been hard at work, helping to provide customized housing assistance to our wounded military Heroes of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts – and we have so much good news to share! With support from the Carrington family of companies and some generous donors, we’ve been partnering with military families who have special needs, and building homes across the country that are uniquely designed to help our wounded Veterans have a more comfortable life.

  • We’re excited and proud to give you these latest updates:We’ve purchased the land and broken ground on what will soon become the home of military hero U.S. Army Major Scott Smiley and his wife, registered nurse Tiffany Smiley, and their three sons. Read more about the Smileys here.
  • The Carrington Companies and Carrington Charitable Foundation are now operating as an independent program to build homes for Veterans, with help from generous donors and the Carrington Family of companies. Learn more here.
  • Wounded Veteran Mark Litynski and his wife, Heather, were welcomed for the first time to their custom adaptive home in Minnesota! Read more about Mark and Heather, and see their home, here.

We’ll have more Carrington House updates soon!