Carrington House: Updates on the Homes for the Miles, Melancon and Jernigan Families

November 22, 2020

We are very pleased to provide some updates and share some pictures on these Carrington House projects. Here’s the latest news on each home, courtesy of Clay Morgan, VP, Facilities:

Melancon Project:
All interior work has been completed on the Melancon project. Matt moved into the home on November 16, which means he will be able to enjoy his first Thanksgiving in his new forever home! Work is still being done on the rear exterior deck, which we hope to have completed soon, depending on weather conditions.

Miles Project:
All of the rough framing, rough electrical and rough mechanical work has been completed, and we have begun installation of the roof, exterior stone veneer and stucco work. Once the roof is complete, we’ll begin work on the insulation and drywall.

Jernigan Project:
Rough grading of the lot is underway, and foundation work will begin shortly. Projected completion of the home is scheduled for June 2021.

Here's the new front ramp at the Melancon home. The front porch is pictured at top.

The fantastic new shower is ready to go at the Melancon home.

You can see the new roof on the Miles home here.

Here's a look at the stone installation at the Miles home.