Carrington House Updates

October 21, 2017

It’s time to share some news on two of our big Carrington House projects: the homes for U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jesse Clingman and his family, and the refurbishment of U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jason Pepper’s family home.

The Clingman Home
Let’s start with the Clingman family home. With the foundation poured for the garage addition, and the interior demoed, we last left the Clingman home ready for drywall work, with a plan to install cabinets, sinks, faucets and flooring. And now?

“This project is in the final stages of construction,” says Brandon Nicholas, VP of Carrington Development Company. “The painting is completed, and the final plumbing fixtures and electrical fixtures are being installed.  The flooring goes in next week, and the final touch-up painting will be done the first week of November.”

In the meantime, Jesse and his wife Alexis are shopping for furniture, which is being provided by Carrington House. They’re excitedly making plans to move in the week of November 6th. As the Carrington House team is wrapping up the final details on their new home, the Clingmans also making plans for the dedication ceremony, tentatively scheduled for November 10th, which happens to be Jesse’s birthday.

Jesse says that he and his family can’t wait to officially settle into their new home. Says Brandon, “They are extremely excited to move in and are very thankful for the Foundation providing furnishings for their home.”

The Clingman home has come a long way since Carrington House took over to create a home that was perfect for Jesse and his family. What started with an existing three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath has been transformed into a five-bedroom, three-bathroom home for this family of seven. Updates include a remodeled master bathroom, with a shower and bathroom area that is handicap accessible and easily accommodates Jesse’s wheelchair. The renovation also added two bedrooms in the part of the home that was once a garage, expanded a bathroom near the new bedrooms and added a garage with a workshop area just for Jesse.

The Pepper Home
Meanwhile, the Pepper home is nearly complete. “There are still a few punch list items we are working to complete with the contractor that should be done in the next two weeks,” Brandon says.

The plan for the Pepper home was to remodel different areas of their existing space to make it easier for Jason to move around, including installing hardwood floors and expanding the master bath using a more open floor plan that includes a bench in the shower and grab bars for stability. The Carrington House team also installed a generator and graded out the backyard to ensure adequate drainage.

The Peppers continued to live in their home while renovations were taking place, so they were able to watch the magic happen as their home was transformed. They’re now enjoying the fruits of the Carrington House team’s labor, and the benefits of living in a space that has been recreated to serve Jason’s specific needs.

We’re so happy to be helping these wonderful families, and the brave Veterans who sacrificed so much to protect our country and its freedoms. We’ll share more news soon on the Clingman dedication ceremony and future Carrington House projects.