Carrington House: The Latest on the Homes for the Miles, Melancon and Jernigan Families

September 20, 2020

According to Clay Morgan, VP Facilities, all of our current Carrington House projects are proceeding smoothly and according to plan. Clay offers the following details about each project: 

The Miles Project
The Miles project is moving along nicely. We are currently finishing up the interior mechanicals (plumbing, electric, HVAC, Etc.). Once mechanicals are complete, we will begin the exterior stucco and completion of the roof installation. After the exterior work is complete, we will begin the interior finish work, which will take us well into the end of the year. Projected completion is still expected for January 2021, barring any unforeseen delays due to weather.

The Melancon Project
We just closed escrow on a beautiful home (pictured above) for Matt in Heber City, UT, which is just outside of Park City. The house is a little over a year old, and is in beautiful condition. However, we do have some modifications to do inside in order to accommodate Matt’s needs. We will be providing Matt with an accessible shower in the Master Bathroom, as well as reworking the front porch and rear deck to also be more accessible for Matt in the future. We hope to have Matt into his new home by Thanksgiving.

The Jernigan Project
We have located a beautiful new home development in Northern Virginia for Michael and KimberLee. The home is part of a small development called Robelli Farms, and is one of only 10 homes in this lush landscape of Virginia. Michael and KimberLee will be making their first visit to the site this month to make the final material selections; and construction is expected to begin toward the end of October. Projected completion is expected in May 2021.

The beautiful living area of the Melancon home. 

The friendly front of the Jernigan home. 

The small development of Robelli Farms, the lush setting for the Jernigan home.