What Autism Awareness Means to Associates

April 19, 2017

Autism Awareness Month has been one of our most successful monthly charitable initiatives, which is why we focus on it year after year. But what does it mean to our Associates? Angela Holder, a Business Process Analyst for Carrington Mortgage Services in Westfield, IN, asked some of her colleagues why they continue to support autism awareness.

For Amanda Snow, Dialer Operations Analyst, the opportunity to volunteer at the Autism Speaks baseball clinic last summer really opened her eyes to the impact she could have on the initiative.

“Volunteering for the Autism Speaks baseball clinic last summer was truly a privilege – I felt extremely honored to be part of this program,” Amanda shared. “Not very many people are aware of autism and how it impacts not only the child, but the family as well. Not one kid has the same type of autism, and recently this has impacted my life on a personal level.

“Autism symptoms for children vary from minor to severe cases, and we experienced a little of both worlds,” she continued. “The families were truly touched by the event, and the kids loved it. Autism Speaks is a great organization, and has helped so many families. The baseball clinic let these families know we care and they’re not alone. I look forward to the next Autism Speaks event.”

Senior Customer Service Representative Daniel Doucleff participated in the same event, and had a similarly profound experience. “What a great day for the kids and their families to enjoy a beautiful summer day at a state-of-the-art baseball facility, with professional athletes sharing their time and talent,” he said. “The kids were all just having as much fun as possible without a care in the world.”

But it wasn’t just the kids who were having a good time. Daniel felt the volunteers benefitted as well. Why? “Because we were enriched by the opportunity to spend the day with people who were all just out to have fun and play a little baseball,” Daniel said. “We all got to share in the joy of the children’s’ accomplishments and see the smiles on their faces.”

And they experienced the joy of every family who participated, too. Daniel also noted that the clinic offered the families a chance to experience the great outdoors with their kids, and not worry about being the only parents at the park without a disability. According to Daniel, “It was just a wonderful, fun day for all involved.”

And while Karla Anderson, Escrow Analysis Specialist, doesn’t have a direct connection with autism, this hasn’t dampened her spirit to support the cause. As she puts it, “I discovered a desire to support autism research thanks to my doctor and others I have met who are directly affected.”

But for Angela, it really is about the program opportunities and support that help families dealing with autism. “I support Autism Speaks because I have witnessed their great programs for central Indiana youth,” Angela said. “Last year’s event with the Indianapolis Indians was awesome. The kids were really excited to spend time with professional players, and got a huge confidence boost from all of the family and community support.”

We thank all of our Associates for their continued support of Autism Awareness Month, including all of the programs and events that support autism and those affected by the disease. We look forward to sharing the results of this month’s fundraising, and hearing more of your stories of volunteering, participating and supporting autism charitable initiatives!