Westfield Associates Hit Home Run for Autism

September 07, 2016

Hats off to our Carrington Associates in the Westfield, IN, office. They banded together to volunteer for the Autism Speaks Baseball Clinic, which was also sponsored by the Indianapolis Indians. On Saturday, July 30th, 10 Associates from the Westfield office assisted during the event by checking in participants, interacting with attendees and helping to rotate participating children through the park, which was set up with stations to help the kids work on different skills. For example, children had the opportunity to learn more about batting, catching, managing pop-ups and throwing. After working their way through each of the stations, the children were invited to participate in a pick-up game.

“We participated in Autism Awareness month in April, and found out we have a lot of employees in Westfield who are passionate about Autism Speaks as an organization,” shared Angela Holder, a Business Process Analyst for Carrington Mortgage Services. “When Autism Speaks reached out to us to let us know they were hosting a baseball clinic with the Indianapolis Indians, we had a big response. The kids had a great time working directly with the baseball players and showing off their skills, and the Carrington volunteers had a great time helping out.”

Angela told us that the entire day was memorable from start to finish; and it was hard to deny the joy that the children got out of the event. As Angela put it, “All the kids had a terrific time. Some of the kids were already amazing, and some had no experience with the sport. But regardless of their previous experience or physical ability, everyone had a great time.” Even the pro ball players weren’t immune to the glee, as Angela reports they appreciated the children’s love for the sport and enthusiasm in participating.

And our Carrington Associates made such an impression on Autism Speaks that the organization promised to be in touch when another event comes around, so they can bring more Associates from the Westfield office can join the fun Thanks, Carrington Associates, for dedicating your time to such a worthy cause!