Shelters Need Your Help

August 03, 2016

Animal shelters all across the country are struggling to keep up with the number of pets waiting to be adopted. But don’t think the only way you can help is to take one home. You can help shelters in a number of ways that don’t require you to bring home a new furry friend (although you can do that, too, if you’re so inclined!).

Many shelters need supplies you can easily purchase at grocery stores or your local pet supply stores. For example, consider donating food and treats, towels and blankets, kitty litter and litter boxes, collars and leashes … all the things animals need for their day-to-day care. Even toys are welcome, but make sure they’re not used – brand new toys are best.

You can even donate items that help support shelter workers, such as hand sanitizer, laundry detergent and office and cleaning supplies. If you’re in doubt about what to buy, the Animal Humane Society has a wish list (and a helpful list of things they won’t accept as donations, with explanations as to why).

You can always contact your local shelter to volunteer. Some shelters need photographers to take pictures of pets up for adoption, or website help to keep their listings updated. Other shelters need people to walk dogs or play with the animals – social time can be very important for dogs, cats and other animals looking for their forever home. And if you’re willing to go the extra mile, consider becoming a foster home for animals that need adoption! It’s a great way to give an animal a loving home, even if it’s a temporary stop en route to a more permanent one.

If that’s too much to ask, why not organize a fundraiser for your local animal shelter? Consider throwing a pet-friendly event for your neighborhood that charges a “door fee” that will be donated to a local shelter. You could even work with a shelter near you to help organize a larger-scale event. And you can always ask people you know to consider donating to the shelter of their choice, in lieu of gifts, for such events as anniversaries and birthdays.

There are a multitude of ways to help support our country’s overworked animal shelters, and they’d love your help! We encourage you to reach out to your local shelter to find out what they need – or share some of your own inventive ideas with us her at CCF!