Next Month: Domestic Violence & Children’s Shelters Awareness Month

July 29, 2017

Although we’ve just launched our August charitable initiative, we want to announce next month’s focus on domestic violence and children’s shelters. It’s been said that one in four women will experience domestic violence during their lifetime, and that every nine seconds, another woman in our country is beaten. Men are victims of nearly 3 million domestic physical assaults in our country every year, and more than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes every year.

Currently, more than 1,500 shelters across the United States assist victims of domestic violence every year. In addition to providing a safe haven for those who have nowhere else to turn, these shelters also offer community support, counseling and the opportunity for victims to get back on their feet financially by teaching business and interpersonal skills that can help victims of domestic violence become more employable and more successful. Unfortunately, shelters must turn away thousands of requests for assistance due to lack of funding. We can help support the organizations that serve victims of domestic violence. If you volunteer for such an organization, or have suggestions on how we can lend a hand, contact us here at CCF. Together, we can make a difference!