Next Month: Autism Awareness

March 06, 2017

We know March has only just begun, but here’s a heads up for our next charitable initiative in April: Autism Awareness Month.

As we did last year, we’ll be participating in National Light It Up Blue Day on Sunday, April 2. Light It Up Blue Day is an international initiative spearheaded by the organization Autism Speaks, in recognition of UN sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day and the entire month of April, which is considered World Autism Month. On that day, thousands of iconic landmarks and buildings light up in the color blue, along with thousands of homes and communities. The aim is to call attention to people living with autism, and lend support to those living with autism. For more information, you can visit the event website.

This year you can order your blue light bulbs directly from the CCF website, and have them shipped in bulk to each Carrington location. The CCF Board has also pledged to make a grant to a nonprofit that supports autism research.

Look for more Autism Awareness-related events throughout the month. As always, if you volunteer with an autism-related organization or have suggestions on how we can help support autism charities, please reach out to us at Let’s make Autism Awareness Month an unqualified success!