Domestic Violence & Children’s Shelters Awareness Month

September 07, 2016

During the past couple of weeks we’ve shared some sobering statistics related to domestic violence, as well as some insights on the havoc it can wreak in victims lives and its effect on children. It’s estimated a woman is beaten every nine seconds in the U.S., and more than 3.3 million children will witness an act of domestic violence each year. Unfortunately, our nation’s 1,500 domestic abuse shelters aren’t enough to fully assist the number of victims who need our help.

Now more than ever, it’s incredibly important for us to lend our support to these shelters and the domestic abuse victims they support. There are also a number of wonderful organizations that support domestic abuse survivors in other ways. One such organization is Rancho Damacitas. Located in Temecula, CA, and founded more than 30 years ago, Rancho Damacitas helps children aged 6 to 18 with therapeutic-based care and onsite housing to help abused or neglected kids transition to a better life. With programs specifically designed to help these children heal and become empowered, Rancho Damacitas teaches them valuable life skills and provides opportunities to experience art therapy to help them become well-rounded, fully functional adults. To date, the organization has helped more than 4,000 children.

We’re pleased to announce that the CCF board has approved a grant for Rancho Damacitas, which was brought to our attention by one of our valued Carrington Associates. We’re proud to support such an incredible organization that helps members of our community who are so desperately in need. We’d like to hear from you if you work with or know of other organizations that help victims and survivors of domestic violence. Pease reach out to us with more information – we’re happy to keep things anonymous if you prefer – and let’s talk more about how we can create an opportunity for healing and hope for this underserved part of the community.