CCF Raises $10,000 for Autism Speaks!

May 04, 2015

Carrington Charitable Foundation is excited to announce that together we have raised over $10,000 for Autism Speaks and achieved our best fundraising year for Autism Awareness yet! Carrington Associates generously gave over $5,000 in donations and enthusiastically supported the cause by sharing how Autism has touched their lives personally. Carrington Charitable Foundation matched $5,000 of those funds raised, bringing the total grant to Autism Speaks to more than $10,000!

Throughout the month of April, CCF volunteers sold bracelets, lanyards, pins, key chains, backpacks, shoe laces and more items to raise awareness for Autism Speaks. As the largest Autism advocacy organization, funds will help Autism Speak’s mission to fund research, prevention, treatments and a cure.

Also to support the cause, in honor of “Light It Up Blue” day on April 2nd, Carrington Associates across the country wore blue and purchased blue light bulbs to shine their awareness across the community.

Thank you to everyone who donated and for your enthusiastic support of Autism Awareness!

Without your efforts we could not make such a meaningful contribution to those affected by Autism and we value your passionate support!


What Is Autism? What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors.

What Causes Autism?

There is no one cause of autism just as there is no one type of autism. Over the last five years, scientists have identified a number of rare gene changes, or mutations, associated with autism. A small number of these are sufficient to cause autism. Most cases of autism, however, appear to be caused by a combination of autism risk genes and environmental factors influencing early brain development.

How Common is Autism?

Autism statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identify around 1 in 88 American children as on the autism spectrum–a ten-fold increase in prevalence in 40 years. Careful research shows that this increase is only partly explained by improved diagnosis and awareness. Studies also show that autism is four to five times more common among boys than girls. An estimated 1 out of 54 boys and 1 in 252 girls are diagnosed with autism in the United States.

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