CCF Packs Over 100 Boxes for Our Troops

February 04, 2014

Military servicemen and women overseas will receive boxes from Carrington Associates filled with food, toiletries, clothing, games and more as a reminder of home and support from family, friends, and volunteers. CCF generously donated basic supplies to the millions of men and women serving overseas who never receive any mail, and helped to make their time easier as they cope with the harsh conditions of service without the familiar signs of home.

CCF helped bring comfort to our heroes by donating supplies to the “Any Soldier” organization, a family run charity that supports all branches of the military by delivering donated boxes to bases overseas. To date they have helped over 27,796 service members, ensuring that all items donated are shared with “any soldier” – giving each service member a reminder of home and the thought that someone cares for their well-being.

Carrington Associates also took the time to write letters of appreciation and encouragement to include in the boxes, giving an extra boost of support to our troops to show how grateful we are for their service and sacrifices.

CCF held “boxing parties” in various Carrington locations to pack and ship the large volume of boxes for delivery to our troops. Thank you to all our CCF volunteers who helped organize the items for customs, arranged shipping, gathered packaging supplies and performed other necessary tasks to make this event a success.

Joyce Brunelle, Santa Ana event coordinator, shares, “I personally feel that the Boxes for the Troops event was a very successful project and hopefully has brought more awareness to the importance of our military. Our troops are making great strides to make our county safe and keep our individual freedoms. The saying 'freedom is not free, just ask any solider,' could not be a more true statement. I hope that we make an annual event of this drive – and maybe, just maybe, we will stop because all our troops have come home! I am proud to be a part of this organization and I am already looking forward to our next event.”

Thank you to everyone who donated for bringing reminders of home to our servicemen and women serving overseas!

(sidebar) Carrington Associates said...

“This is one of the reasons I enjoy working for Carrington – the volunteering and giving back – great causes.”

“One of the most worthwhile fundraisers – recognizing our troops. We need to do more for what they do for our country and for each one of us as Americans.”

“Really enjoyed this fundraiser – well organized with instructions to provide directions on completing the process – fun and easy.”

“We should do this every year – it is a well worth cause.” “I sometimes get so busy with life that I overlook the day to day events surrounding me (out of sight, out of mind) – it’s events like this that make me appreciate what we are doing for the troops and how much I appreciate what they are doing for us.”