CCF Helps Raise $6.5 Million in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

February 04, 2014

From November 16-18 in San Diego, California, Carrington Associates Tami O’Neill, DeAnn Johnson and Emilia Lara walked approximately 20 miles each day in the boldest breast cancer event there is – the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure. To support their efforts, Carrington Charitable Foundation donated a $10,000 grant to the Susan G. Komen Foundation

The San Diego event had approximately 2,500 walkers and raised over $6.5 million. No other event in the country asks participants to walk as far or raise as much money. Tami, DeAnn, and Emilia each had to raise a minimum of $2,300. Tami shares, “Walkers always get the question, ‘How can you walk 60 miles in 3 days?’ and the answer is really quite easy…we walk because everyone deserves a lifetime!”

Despite the sore muscles and feet, this trio had no problem keeping a positive attitude and making lasting memories as they took steps forward in the fight against cancer.

“It was an amazing feeling being with all those women who have been touched by breast cancer,” shares Emilia. “We are all fighters and survivors.”

As a survivor, Tami shares she walks not only for herself but for all who have been touched by breast cancer:

“It’s a journey that will never be forgotten. It truly is the most amazing 3 days you can experience; thousands of people becoming a family for the weekend - there are no strangers - everyone is there for the one reason to give hope, courage and support for those battling breast cancer, and to find a cure and to honor loved ones who can no longer walk with us. Our days are filled with fun, laughter, sore muscles and blisters and when you think you just can’t take another step there’s always someone to inspire you to continue and we can’t forget the 3-day saying ‘suck it up, cupcake’”

DeAnn’s team, called “Wine Rack,” raised over $17,000 alone and has already pledged to participate again next year. She shares, “This was my third year doing the 3 Day Walk and so far this has been the best one yet! The weather was perfect and our team walked every one of the 60 miles. Aside from a few blisters, we were all injury-free. The commitment is huge and a bit daunting but it is very rewarding to be a part of something so much larger than yourself. We all have our own stories of why we walk for this cause. Whatever the situation, every step we take brings us closer to a day without breast cancer and ultimately no cancer at all. As tired as I was at the end of 3 challenging days, I was ready to walk a 4th day! The event was exhilarating and inspirational. I consider myself fortunate to be physically able to participate in such a tremendous event!”

Congratulations to Tami, Emilia and DeAnn for their extraordinary efforts to help find a cure and put an end to breast cancer!