Carrington Associates Participated in Wear Red Day for Heart Disease Awareness!

February 18, 2016

In keeping with the theme of Heart Disease Awareness this month, CCF encouraged Carrington Associates to support Wear Red Day on February 5th! By wearing red, Carrington associates were not only helping to raise awareness for Heart Disease – the number one killer of women across America – but also show support to those who have been affected by the disease.

We’re so pleased that so many of you came out in support of Wear Red Day!

Some chose to wear accents of red throughout their ensemble, while others wore red from head to toe. Our Westfield office even set up a selfie station with props! We love how inventive and enthusiastic everyone was on Wear Red Day, and we’re proud that our associates stood up for a cause we believe in. Thank you to everyone for showing support for Heart Disease Awareness month, and CCF, by having fun and wearing red. We encourage you to keep the spirit of this month’s initiative alive by donating blood at an American Red Cross blood drive this month. Remember: giving blood is giving life!