Boxes for Our Troops Update

August 20, 2018

To know how much our annual Boxes for Our Troops drive means to those who receive them, you  have only to read the many thank-you letters received after last year’s shipment.

“Your generosity means the world to the Sailors and Marines aboard the USS San Diego,” wrote the crew of that ship to the Associates at Carrington Capital Management who filled and mailed boxes to them. “The snacks, games, and hygiene items have greatly boosted our morale, making this deployment easier. We are very happy to know that there is so much support from the American people back home. Again, we thank you for your kindness!” And under that, the signatures of dozens of crew members.

Carrington offices sent more than 2,000 boxes in this August’s drive, a fantastic effort, says Shelly Lawrence, who notes that “enthusiasm was topnotch this year.”

Boxes for Our Troops is part of the Carrington Charitable Foundation’s ongoing commitment to supporting U.S. military men and women serving abroad. This was the ninth year for the drive, which encourages Associates to form teams and compete for who can fill and send the most boxes. We’ll get you the final box total, as well as the winning team, soon.

All nine major Carrington office locations participated in the Boxes for Our Troops challenge, generously donating many thousands of dollars’ worth of items, then wrapping, packing, and shipping the boxes to servicemen and women serving abroad on land and at sea. Gift box contents ranged from snack foods, breakfast cereals, and bath and hygiene products, to board games, footballs, and a variety of reading materials. Some boxes were decorated with personal sentiments and themes and included cards, notes, and photos from the Carrington teams that put them together.

From now until next August, keep the Boxes for Our Troops in mind as you shop throughout the year. Pick up designated acceptable items (nothing perishable such as chocolate or anything that melts) in multiples and set them aside for next summer’s drive. And if you think a dollar store pack of cards or a tube of sunblock doesn’t mean much, here’s what CPT Reeder, the Chaplain for the 1BCT, 82nd Airborne, wrote to us after receiving and distributing a huge shipment of boxes in Afghanistan: “From me personally, I want to say that I have been truly thankful and incredibly humbled to serve as the conduit of all of the generous love and support. Your support means more than you know, and I'm sure you receive less credit and gratitude than you deserve. So thank you!”

Below from Diana Oliver-White with CMS in Westfield

Below from Rosemary Butler with CMS in Westfield

Below from Greenwich

Below from HR in Aliso Viejo

Below from IT in Aliso Viejo

Below from Jim Potter's Anaheim CTS team

Below from Plano

Below from Robert Fluty with CMS in Fresno

Below from Roxanna King with CMS in Plano

Below from Springfield

Below from Shannon Back with CMS in Lakeland

Below from Tyra Rodriguez with CMS in Anaheim