Boxes for Our Troops: Patriotism at Its Finest

July 16, 2019

So many boxes and so much love made this year’s Boxes for Our Troops effort a huge success. The ninth annual drive, with earlier deadlines this year, was part of the Carrington Charitable Foundation’s ongoing commitment to supporting U.S. military men and women serving abroad. Associates at all nine Carrington office locations participated in the challenge, forming teams and donating a total of 1581 boxes that were sent overseas to active-duty military.

The winners in our competition for most boxes filled and sent in the under-50-team members category were Heather Ogle’s team at Carrington Mortgage Services in Westfield, IN, and Team Vylla in Aliso Viejo, which took top honors in the more-than-50 category.

Heather reports that her team set a goal of 110 boxes and ended up sending 113 – their largest donation yet. “The Loan Administration team really came together for Boxes for Our Troops,” says Heather, a Dispute Correspondence Writer in the Research Department in Westfield. “This year we had a bake sale and a chicken-and-noodles (cooked by a rep’s mom) lunch to raise money. There were a lot of ideas thrown around for how we could raise money to reach our goal, and we had a huge amount of people donate food for the sales.”

Heather says the Loan Administration team has filled Boxes for Our Troops for the past several years, with donations increasing each year. “We really enjoy doing it, because it gives us a chance to make somebody’s day who really needs it,” she says. “I think most of us here have a personal connection to the military, although not all of us have served. My father was an officer in the U.S. Navy, and he remembers his mom making him cookies and sending them to the base in a tin. He said everyone was his best friend when they wanted some of those cookies.”

What did Heather’s team send this year? “We did some research online for what service members really want in their boxes, and provided items that showed up in a lot of blog posts,” she says. “Prestige soaps and deodorant, playing cards, gum, snacks with protein, powders you can put in your drinks, etc. Our troops also specifically asked for peanut M&Ms, so we made sure each box got some! For personality, we wrote a letter that had some fun facts and brain teaser questions on it. We also took a group picture and wrote a thank-you note for it.”

Will her team do it again next year? “I think next year will be better!” she says. “We learned a lot about how to make things work, and managed to have a great time doing it.”

Team Vylla raised $10,000 and filled an impressive 520 boxes, reports Julie Beamish, Vice President of Operations. “We had a ton of fun raising funds and awareness for the Boxes for Our Troops,” she says. “We value our deployed troops and the sacrifices they make each day for our freedom. Sending goodies, reminders from home and personal notes is one small way we can show our appreciation. We thank CCF for organizing this giving event each year.”

Keep the effort going until next year’s deadline by picking up items (nothing perishable) as you shop between now and then. We’ll keep sending Boxes for Our Troops as long as you keep filling them!

Members of the Vylla team are pictured above. More great photos below!

These Carrington Associates definitely have the right spirit!

The Carrington team in Scottsdale, AZ, went all out for Boxes for Our Troops this year.

Carrington Mortgage Services has a knack for packing great goodies for the troops.

The Customer Service team from Carrington Mortgage Services definitely did their part.

The Jacksonville, FL, team was all in.

Carrington's Finance team made it a party.