Boxes for Our Troops

March 01, 2019

Get ready in a month or so to fill those Boxes for Our Troops again. We’ve moved this year’s drive, and the deadlines for gathering items and shipping them, up to May (formerly July and August).

What is Boxes for Our Troops? It’s another part of the Carrington Charitable Foundation’s ongoing commitment to supporting U.S. military men and women serving abroad. This will mark the tenth year for our participation in this program, and we’re hoping to ship more boxes filled with more goodies than ever. In 2018, we sent more than 1,000 boxes from the nine major Carrington office locations to grateful active-duty troops serving around the world.

Box contents should include non-perishable snack foods (don’t pack anything that could melt or spoil, including chocolate), breakfast cereals, board games, footballs and a variety of current books and magazines. Dollar store items like sunblock, travel-sized toiletries, bath soaps, baby powder and wipes, tissue packs, hand sanitizer, lip balm and small toys for children are also appreciated. Many Carrington teams also personalize their boxes with tucked personal notes, photos and greeting cards.

How big a difference can some lip balm or a new deck of cards make to someone serving overseas? Here’s what the Chaplain for the 1BCT, 82nd Airborne, wrote in his thank-you after receiving and distributing a huge shipment of boxes in Afghanistan in 2017: “From me personally, I want to say that I have been truly thankful and incredibly humbled to serve as the conduit of all of the generous love and support. Your support means more than you know, and I'm sure you receive less credit and gratitude than you deserve. So thank you!”

And this from Sailors and Marines on the USS San Diego: “The snacks, games and hygiene items have greatly boosted our morale, making this deployment easier. We are very happy to know that there is so much support from the American people back home. Again, we thank you for your kindness!” And under that, the signatures of dozens of crew members.

This is a team effort, of course, so form a team in your office and register at the link below. Each team will be assigned a specific military outfit overseas that will receive the boxes. We like to make this a friendly company-wide competition, too. The team that ships the most boxes will receive a nice treat (in the past it’s been a catered breakfast or lunch in the office).

If you have friends or loved ones in any of the five branches of the military serving abroad to whom you'd like to send boxes, email their names and addresses directly to Shelly Lawrence​ by May 1st. They must be military addresses of active service members deployed overseas. No U.S. addresses will be accepted.

Once you're registered, your team leader will receive instructions on how to get the special USPS flat-rate boxes and forms. Pack up your collected items and be sure to include a greeting card with a note signed by team members to show your support. Outside fundraising is encouraged. Get friends and family involved. 

Are you up for the challenge? Click here to register your team. You’ll get more details about deadlines for packing and shipping very soon. But now’s the time to start gearing up to send our troops abroad some much-appreciated comforts of home.