Boxes for Our Troops

July 28, 2018

You still have time to fill Boxes for Our Troops! We’ve pushed the deadline to August 13 to have all boxes packed and shipped.

In 2017, we delivered more than 1,000 boxes from Carrington teams. What was in them? Just about anything to give a lift and a smile to someone in the armed forces serving overseas. Items can be non-perishable snacks (that means no chocolate), sunblock, travel-sized toiletries, bath soaps, baby powder and wipes, tissue packs, hand sanitizer, lip balm, small toys for children, various balls for sports, and books and current magazines.

If you haven’t formed a team and signed up, do it now by sending an email directly to Shelly Lawrence​. Each group is assigned a specific military outfit overseas that will receive the boxes.

If you have friends or loved ones in any of the five branches of the military serving abroad to whom you'd like to send boxes, email their names and addresses directly to Shelly. They must be military addresses of active service members deployed overseas. No U.S. addresses will be accepted.

Once you're registered, your team captain will receive instructions on how to get the special USPS flat-rate boxes and forms. Pack up your collected items and be sure to include a greeting card with a note signed by team members to show your support.

Outside fundraising is encouraged. Get friends and family involved. 

“During the past several years, the Boxes for Our Troops CCF initiative has become a favorite for both my teams and me," says Michael Dorner, SVP, Carrington Property Services in Anaheim. “It's such an important reminder to our deployed service members worldwide to know they are in our thoughts and prayers, even if they are not known to us personally."

Michael says the boxes had special significance for him in 2017: “Both my son and daughter-in-law were deployed to Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, and were the recipients of many boxes. They received so many, in fact, that they were able to share not only with their other soldiers, but also with those deployed in the other services. The ability to send some creature comforts from home is a time-honored tradition, and is so important to morale."​

This year’s Boxes for Our Troops effort is again a competition among locations, with a prize for the most boxes sent.

So get packin’!