Autism Awareness & Light It Up Blue

March 15, 2018

April is known internationally as Autism Awareness month. Autism is a developmental disability that tends to appear during early childhood and affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact effectively with others. It affects everyone differently, and there’s no known cause – but experts believe that early detection is key to improving quality of life after diagnosis. Some signs of autism include delayed speech, an inability to make eye contact or hold conversations, difficulty with reasoning and planning, poor motor skills, and more.

As we do every year, CCF will make a donation to support Autism Awareness.

Light It Up Blue Day is an international initiative spearheaded by the organization Autism Speaks, in recognition of UN-sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day and World Autism Month. Every April 2, thousands of iconic landmarks, buildings, homes, and communities are lit with blue light in support of people living with autism. Be sure to wear blue on April 2 to show your support for Light It Up Blue and to help raise awareness for this condition.