Aliso Viejo CCF Merch Sale

April 04, 2019

“Camo,” come all, to the next Carrington merchandise sale! The recent March Merch flash sale in Anaheim raised nearly $7,000 from 146 purchases, with proceeds going to the Carrington Charitable Foundation. Next up will be a sale in Aliso Viejo (date TBA when construction on 25 Enterprise is completed).

The goal of the next sale is to empty the CCF closet of all items with a CCF logo, including tees, warm-up jackets, cups, mugs, lunch boxes, iPad cases and stress balls. The big seller from the March sale was camouflage-patterned shirts bearing the CCF logo, so we’ll have a fresh order in all sizes. (They sold out in Anaheim!) We’ll take pre-orders for those to the CCF inbox – price is $20 each.

And you don’t have to be there to take advantage of the bargains. Donate to Carrington Charitable Foundation through the website on the day of the sale, and you’ll receive CCF swag as a thank-you gift while supplies last. Plus, more of every donation will go directly to CCF, because the credit card company that handles CCF merch sales has lifted its transaction fees for that day. Sweet deal!