Run Ranger Run Results

March 02, 2019

Your muscles may still be aching from February’s Run Ranger Run event. But stretch one more time to pat yourselves on the back for the phenomenal efforts put forth by all the participating Carrington teams. We’ll be sending out final results – miles completed and amount of funds raised – shortly.

The annual Run Ranger Run is a nationwide fundraiser benefiting GallantFew, which helps Veterans make “a peaceful, successful transition from military service to a civilian life filled with hope and purpose.”

Carrington’s 10-member teams walked, ran, rowed, swam and biked to reach a combined total of 565 miles per team over 28 days. And whether teammates did those miles together or singularly, there’s a great sense of satisfaction that comes from working out for such a great cause. (It was also a good way to kick those New Year’s health resolutions into gear.)

In 2018 there were 2,630 Run Ranger Run participants around the globe, comprising 286 teams that logged 203,275 miles, ultimately raising $313,000.00. Here at Carrington, 34 teams from across the Carrington Companies joined the fun for the 2018 run. Together, the Associates on these teams ran 18,424 miles and raised $55,342 for GallantFew.

Carrington Mortgage Services’ Default Management team pulled out all the stops to support Run Ranger Run. The “CMS Achievers” team finished in tenth place among all corporate teams, raising $4,280.42 for the cause, and they ranked a clear number 1 among Carrington teams for fundraising on the Run Ranger Run Carrington Corporate Team site. Carrington also conducted an internal competition for teams based on a points system for the dollars they raised, miles they completed and team outings they participated in. Winners will be announced in early March!

The pledges and final numbers are still rolling in, but overall here are the current stats for CCF in 2019’s Run Ranger Run:

• 20 participating teams for Carrington
• 9,759.78 miles completed
• $18,613.16 pledged by CCF
• Team Carrington Total Fundraising: $30,511.94

Why 565 miles? In 2012, 3rd Ranger Battalion U.S. Army Corporal Cory Smith, a two-time combat Veteran, found himself physically and emotionally challenged by the loss of friends on the battlefield. After returning home to face challenges in his marriage, Smith decided to highlight the difficult journey back to civilian life by undertaking a symbolic personal journey, running 565 miles in 28 days to raise awareness for Veterans’ transition issues.

February 2020 seems like a long time away, but we’ll be gearing up for Run Ranger Run again next year. In the meantime, keep up those workouts and keep recruiting for next year’s teams.