It’s So Much More Than Golf

August 17, 2016

Now in its sixth year, the Annual CCF Golf Classic has been dedicated to raising funds in support of our country’s wounded heroes who fought valiantly for the privileges we enjoy as citizens of a free nation. We’ve shared those funds with two specific charities: the Veteran’s Airlift Command and Carrington House.

The Veteran’s Airlift Command offers free air transportation to wounded Veterans and their families who need medical care and attention, as well as other associated types of assistance that air travel can help provide Veterans who are on a path to healing. The organization is supported by a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots who selflessly offer their time to help Veterans get to the hospital and back. Recently, the VAC transported its 10,000th Veteran – and we could not be more proud to be partnered with this organization, sharing the benefit of what the CCF Golf Classic can provide through supporters, fundraising and a day of honor and fun.

And then there’s our signature organization, Carrington House, which focuses on building adaptive custom homes designed to meet the special needs of our wounded Veterans. Carrington House has prided itself on partnering with special sponsors to build homes – and sometimes go as far to purchase land – specific to a wounded Veteran’s needs. In recent years, Carrington House bought the land and completed the design on a new home in Washington for U.S. Army Major Scott Smiley and his wife, registered nurse Tiffany Smiley, and their three sons. There are plans to break ground on the build within the next month. The organization has also completed design plans on a new home for retired Master Sargent David Glenn, his wife Robin and their two children in North Carolina. Demolition of their old home, and construction of the new one, will begin within the next couple of months. Carrington House has completed 11 custom homes so far, with three more homes that are expected to be completed by the close of 2017.

It’s with your help, and the help of our generous sponsors and donors, that we continue to support these worthy causes – and the Veterans they care for. And we hope you’ll continue to support them as well – with your time, donations, and generosity of heart. Our wounded Veterans deserve a wonderful post-combat life. Let’s help give it to them!