Casual for a Cause Program

July 28, 2018

Besides getting to dress for comfort on the job, there’s now another great reason to enroll in our Casual for a Cause program. Every month we’ll be recognizing a Carrington Associate who participates and who requests a match or commitment from Carrington for a charity of their choice. Here’s how to sign up and how it works:

1. Log into Ultipro from the button on the top right of the Carrington Compass homepage.

2. Click on “Menu" on the top left hand side of the page.

3. Click on “MYSELF" at the top center of the popup menu.

4. Click on “Life Event" at the bottom right of the popup menu.

5. Click on “Carrington Charitable Foundation."

6. Enter how much you'd like to donate from each paycheck (minimum of $5). The payroll deduction is automatic and will begin with your next pay period, but you can start wearing your jeans to work immediately!

What’s too casual? T-shirts and sweatshirts are okay, as long as there are no logos, images, or words on them. Tank tops, sandals, flip flops, and shorts are not okay. Also, running shoes are out, but nice sneakers (like Keds and Vans) are fine.

The donations you designate go to the CCF General Fund, which then directs grants and gifts to a variety of charitable causes suggested by you throughout the year. During the past year, CCF has sent grants and donations to Special Olympics, the Susan G. Komen breast cancer organization, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and Children's Hospital of Orange County, as well as a number of animal-related charities (see the story below for details on those).

“Not all Associates have time to volunteer, and the Casual for a Cause program is perfect for Associates who want to give," says Shelly Lawrence, Executive Director of Community Relations, Carrington Charitable Foundation. “For everyone who wants to support the wide variety of organizations that receive grants from the CCF General Fund, Casual for a Cause is the way to go. There's something for everyone!"