Associate Auction Basket Competition

August 18, 2019

Friday, September 6, is the deadline for team sign-ups for this year’s Associate Auction Basket Competition. The baskets are auctioned at the CCF Golf Classic (taking place this year on October 14), with all proceeds going to CCF’s Signature Programs benefiting Veterans and their families. Here are the guidelines:

• All items must fit in a 24x24x24-inch box
• There is a limit of 10 items per package
• Each package must have a value of at least $200
• Packages CANNOT contain the following items:

• Perishable foods or drinks
• Fragile or easily breakable items
• Drug or gambling-related items
• Sharp objects (knives, skewers, etc.)
• Flammable items (propane, lighter fluid, charcoal)
• Holiday-specific themes

• Tickets, passes or gift cards must not have an expiration date of 10/31/19 or sooner. 

When writing your basket description, BE SPECIFIC. If you are donating items from any of the below categories, please be sure to include this information in your description. If your item is not included in the categories below, be as specific as possible when describing. Your efforts maximize your contribution to the auction and help us present a detailed description of the donated item(s) to our guests. 


• Restaurant name
• Valid Locations
• Number of guests
• Restaurant website
• Expiration dates or restrictions
• Anything included (parking gratuity, etc.)


• Bottle name
• Type/varietal (Cabernet, Pinot Noir, etc.)
• Year made or number of years aged
• Region/Producer
• Rating/Points (Wine Spectator/Robert Parker)
• Website where rating can be verified
• Tasting notes


• Number of days/nights
• Number of guests
• Hotel/Accommodation name and website
• Hotel/Accommodation address (Country, City, State)
• Expiration date and any restrictions (holidays, number of guests, etc.)
• Extras included (travel, meals, excursions, gratuity, etc.)


• Golf club name
• Location
• Number of players (including a club member, if applicable)
• Golf club website
• Any expiration dates or restrictions (club member must attend, no holidays, etc.)
• Anything included (caddies, meals, travel - make sure extras are included in the total value)


• Teams playing
• Location (Venue, City, State)
• Date & time (must not have an expiration date of 10/31/19 or sooner)
• Number of tickets
• Perks or extras included (parking, private box, travel, food and drink, etc. Be sure to include in the total value.)
• Sporting apparel and memorabilia. Include:

• Brand
• Size
• If signed, include player name, team and year signed.

Want to make a basket? We need to know who’s on the team (no limit on number of team members) and a short description of the idea behind your basket. Submit your team here. For specific questions about the Associate Auction Basket Competition, contact