An Amazing Race: Carrington Community Dash

March 28, 2021

The Carrington Community Dash concluded on March 20, and what an amazing journey it was! Carrington Associates ran, walked, biked, hiked, swam, rowed, snow-skied and snow-shoed – all in an effort to raise funds for worthy nonprofit organizations and promote fitness and health. Associates who participated in this fast-paced event covered an astounding 19,152 miles and raised $20,395.56 for 13 deserving nonprofit organizations. 

Here are the winning teams! Carrington HR Trekkers completed the most miles – an impressive 3589.3 total miles for the team just beating Team Default with a total of 3560.3 miles. And DiddlySquats raised the most money outside of CCF’s miles match for its chosen nonprofit organization: an awesome $781 from 21 donors for the Illumination Foundation. In all, 508 individuals participated in this event by either logging miles or donating to a team. 

To recap, the Dash was a virtual race that tracked the route to Carrington locations across the United States. Participants formed into teams, selected their charities, encouraged friends and family to sponsor their efforts, and for every 1 mile logged, CCF also contributed $1 to every team's total fundraising, until the Foundation donated $25,000. Needless to say, the Carrington Community Dash was a huge success! 

“This year we wanted to be creative,” says Shelly Lawrence, CCF’s Executive Director of Community Relations, “and still find a way to help the nonprofits we love and are used to volunteering for, or participating with, pre-Covid. The Carrington Community Dash was our way of being able to reach out into our local communities and help. It also gave us all an excuse to get outside and into the fresh air. I’m so impressed by how many of our Associates participated and knocked it out of the park. We completed over 18,000 miles!” 

We invited two Associates who participated – Sally Wofford (pictured above) and Kenia Banegas (pictured below) – to answer a few questions for us about their Dash experience: 

What charity did you choose?
Sally: The Illumination Foundation. They’re an important local group that is striving to end the cycle of homelessness in Orange County. Money goes to building houses and funding scholarships for kids who excel in the worst situations.
Kenia: Our team chose to support, which helps to bring attention to human trafficking. They also provide free resources to rehabilitate victims and their families, and legal services to deliver justice to predators. 

Who sponsored you?
Sally: I’m not sponsored. I’m on team DiddlySquats. We collected donations from Wholesale Lending.
Kenia: We had lots of interest and were supported by family, friends and co-workers. 

What kind of exercise did you do (run, bike, walk, etc.)?
Sally: I mostly walked, but I ran and biked as well.
Kenia: Our team participated in walking, running, biking, Zumba classes and roller skating. 

What would you like to say about your participation?
Sally: Participating in the Carrington Community Dash has been great for my family and me. I have adopted the motto that I must get out of the house to support the homeless, and so I held myself to an average of three miles a day. It has inspired my family to become active, while raising money for a good cause. Over a recent weekend, my husband asked, “How many miles are we doing this weekend, honey?” My answer was “10 mile bike ride!” We grabbed the bikes and went. Everybody wins!
Kenia: Knowing each mile we achieved was being matched by CCF ($1 for every mile) was a major motivator. Working out for a great cause is very fulfilling. It’s a win-win!

Kenia Banegas

 Joy Gresso

 Christina Sain

Ashley Rasmussen


The Final Team Standings