Westfield Associates Brighten the Lives of Little Ones

March 21, 2017

On Saturday, March 18, 2017, Carrington volunteers spent their day brightening the lives of young children at Children’s Bureau, Inc. in Indianapolis. This shelter provides family preventative/intervention services to children 18 years and younger, 24 hours day − including clothing, food, counseling and transportation to area schools.

Associates and kids shared plenty of special moments during such fun activities as face painting, shaving cream drawings, playing games, making homemade play dough and playing sports − filling their day with joy they might not otherwise have had on a Saturday.

“The visit went very smooth, and was well planned,” said Melissa Smith, Manager, Default Quality Assurance, “The most rewarding part was seeing these sweet kids, with the world on their shoulders, go from entering a room of strangers to quickly lighting up with grins from ear to ear − just for the chance to play simple games such as Match Up, Checkers and Headbandz!”

Kimberly Vazquez, Coordinator, QA Document, said, “I was grateful to be a part of the outreach and to make some new friends at the shelter.” She said it was not only an educational experience, but also a great opportunity to put some names and faces together with some of the other Carrington volunteers.

“Kids always exude life to me and are intrigued by the simplest things,” said Shanae Grayson, Customer Research Representative. “I volunteered because I wanted to be a part of a moment these kids had to just be kids for once and have fun.”

 Pictured left to right: Chadai Davis, Customer Service Specialist; Gerrie Jackson, Customer Service Specialist; Shanae Grayson, Customer Research Representative; Kimberly Highsaw, Specialist, Default MI Claims; Angela Holder, Analyst, Business Process; Moses Avant (not a Carrington Associate); Amber Vega, Analyst, Default MI Claims; Melissa Smith, Manager, Default Quality Assurance; Shaun Smith (not a Carrington Associate); Kimberly Vazquez, Coordinator, QA Document (not pictured).

 Shanae Grayson and a buddy create shaving cream art.

 Melissa Smith checks out checkers with one of the kids.

 Ruff, ruff! Chadai Davis works her face painting magic.

Can you guess what I have on my forehead? Volunteers play a fun game of Headbandz with the kids.