The CCF Board Members

February 22, 2017

Last month we re-introduced you to CFF, our mandate and some of the people who help organize all the wonderful things that CCF does. This month, we’d like to introduce you to our board members.

 First, there’s Shelley Cloyd, whose experience in nonprofits has been invaluable to CCF and its team. Shelley said that working at CCF has been inspiring to her as well – she’s constantly in awe of how much we’re able to accomplish.

“When I think about the work that CCF does, the first word that comes to mind is awesome,” Shelley says. “Having worked with several nonprofits over the years, the one thing that is truly remarkable about CCF is the drive we all have to do more, serve more, raise more funds and increase awareness. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of an organization that has worked so hard to make a significant impact not only for our veterans, but for all of the other nonprofits we serve.”

Shelley’s infectious enthusiasm and intense passion for supporting charities helps guide CCF in all of our charitable efforts. And if Shelley has her way, there will be no limits to what CCF will achieve now and in the future.

“There is no goal too high, no task too difficult, and I truly love that organizational energy and passion,” she said. “My experience with CCF, and our mission to support the warriors who have sacrificed so much, will forever be a highlight of my life.”

Board member Lorna Gordon says she is similarly passionate about charitable causes, and echoes Shelley’s commitment. But Lorna’s inspiration to do good comes from a unique place.

“When we first came to America, it took us awhile to settle our family,” Lorna shares. “We have been very fortunate in all aspects of our lives here. So when Bruce and Rosemary came to us with their ideas to form a charity, we didn’t think twice about it. It has been a way for myself, David and our family to do a little to give back to the country that has given us so much.”

And giving back through CCF, as well as participating in the wonderful opportunities our country has, is an experience that Lorna and her family appreciate to the utmost. “Our family is so thankful for the opportunity and privileges provided by the United States,” she said.

Next is our Chairman, Rosemary Rose, who has a long history of working with nonprofits. As one of the founders of CCF, Rosemary holds the organization close to her heart, and is deeply involved in all that CCF does.

“I consider being on the CCF board a great privilege,” Rosemary said. “It allows me to partner with professionals of diverse backgrounds and talents to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.”

Rosemary is also impressed and honored by how many Carrington Associates participate in CCF’s charitable initiatives. “The fact that CCF has an 85 percent volunteer participation from Carrington Associates is so inspiring,” she says. “It means that we are united in our motivation and commitment to our mission. Watching all of our efforts come together and producing such results is exhilarating, and makes me strive to work harder to keep up with all the needs. I can’t think of a more rewarding job: Giving back and inspiring others to follow our lead.”

While CCF benefits from an amazing board of directors and a team dedicated to creating initiatives that inspire everyone to get involved, the organization would be nothing without the participation of everyone involved – and that includes you. We are thankful to our board for setting the tone of CCF and its accomplishments, and look forward to sharing more about our goals, growth and giving throughout 2017!