The CCF Advisory Board

March 06, 2017

As part of our series of giving you a behind-the-scenes look at people who help make CCF a success, we wanted to introduce you to our Advisory Board. The Advisory Board was created two years ago with the intent to promote CCF and its charitable endeavors through offering opportunities, researching partnerships, and creating new opportunities for CCF to broaden its reach and further its mandate.

Currently, our Advisory Board is made up of nine inventive thinkers who have provided CCF with amazing support:

Bruce Rose, CEO and Founder of the Carrington family of companies

Dave Gordon, Carrington’s COO

Kevin Cloyd, President of the Carrington Real Estate Group

Curt Johnson, Vice Chairman of First American Title

Jon Van Gorp of Mayer Brown

Walt Fricke, Chairman, CEO and Founder of the Veterans Airlift Command

Pat Persichini, Sales Manager for Ferrari of Newport Beach

Steve Posner, CEO of Putnam Leasing

Benjamin Rubin, M.D., Founding Partner of the Orthopedic Specialty Institute

“This group is fully invested in CCF and its endeavors, working hard to promote it,” said Shelly Lawrence, CCF’s Executive Director of Community Relations. “They’re kind of like the think tank behind CCF and the Board of Directors, so they’re the ones who think outside the box and present wacky ideas we may not have come up with. It’s a very great group who have a lot of different backgrounds and resources to pull from.”

Shelly credits the Advisory board with diversifying the thought process behind CCF’s initiatives, driving the organization’s expansion and pushing it to grow its vision. For example, the Advisory Board has been instrumental in building the new Veteran Support Program and developing partnerships with like-minded nonprofits.

Thank you to our tireless and dedicated Advisory Board for creating so many new and wonderful opportunities for CCF and the charities we support!