Team Doty in Action/Humane Society of Hamilton County

June 17, 2019

Eight people, including supervisor Richard Doty, were with Team Doty on June 5 to volunteer at the Humane Society of Hamilton County.

“We do have a lot of animal lovers on this team,” says Lidices Rojas. “We asked them where they wanted to volunteer, and they chose the Humane Society.”

Cleaning, doing lots of laundry, organizing and other chores were part of their many hours of spruce-up efforts at the facility. The Humane Society of Hamilton County is a no-kill shelter that gives “every animal a chance, regardless of age, breed, special medical needs, disability, time, space or cost.”  As an open-admission facility, and the only one serving Hamilton County’s animals and residents, they receive animals left homeless by car accidents, hoarding, cruelty or neglect. The Humane Society also takes in strays and unwanted pets 365 days of the year.

Lidices, who’s been with CMS for the past five years, says that, like the Associates who chose the Humane Society, the organizations and nonprofits chosen by other teams for volunteer days “depend on the team involvement.” She says there’s a brainstorming session with all teams at the end of the first quarter, asking, “Whom do you want to help this year?”

“We will try to coordinate with the organizations that will match what Associates want to support,” says Rojas.

And the result? Not only do the nonprofits like the Humane Society of Hamilton County get the help, “We all feel accomplished,” says Rojas. “It’s such a great benefit that allows us to go out and serve the community – a win-win for us at Carrington and for the organizations we’re helping. The Associates look forward to it because they love helping. The next thing I hear after a volunteer day is always, `Where are we going next?’”

Pictured above, L to R: Yolanda Cole, Richard Doty (supervisor), Lupe Herrera, Karen Cordoba, Elizabeth Cross, Adam Gilmore, Jair Aguilar and Ellen Aviles.

Team members working hard in the commercial laundry area.

Team members organize the cleaning supplies.