On Memorial Day, The Carrington Companies Remember our Nation’s Heroes

May 24, 2018

A Memorial Day Message from Bruce Rose

Some years ago, the surgeon Dr. William Robert Woodman wrote,

Their silent wounds have speech
More eloquent than men;
Their tones can deeper reach
Than human voice or pen.

On Memorial Day words often fall short, and solemn silence can sometimes be the best way to honor the countless patriots who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of freedom and liberty. Brave men and women throughout the ages have known that there are causes worth dying for.

One of the time-honored traditions of Memorial Day has been to decorate the gravesites of our fallen Service Members as a way of paying homage to those whose valiant service has ensured our liberty at the cost of their own lives. On Monday, at any of the 135 national cemeteries, 26 overseas American military cemeteries, or the many state Veteran's cemeteries, people will gather to honor those who have fallen.

At The Carrington Companies, we honor the brave men and women who made the supreme sacrifice in defense of our nation.   We are also duty bound to support those who were gravely injured fighting for the same cause. The Carrington Companies, through the Carrington Charitable Foundation (CCF), are proud to provide ongoing support to our courageous military service members and their families who have given so much to safeguard our country’s freedom. CCF proudly honors these sacrifices directly through our Veteran-focused Signature Programs. These programs offer diverse support for Veterans by providing the Mobility, Stability, Purpose, and Prosperity these heroes need and deserve. It is the right thing to do, and at Carrington we consider it an honor to serve these Veterans and their families.

As you enjoy a long holiday weekend with friends and loved ones, please pause for a moment to consider the memories, and the sacrifice, of those who forever carry the burden of guarding our freedoms. This Memorial Day, on behalf of The Carrington Companies, we thank and we honor our nation’s Veterans. They will always be remembered.

Bruce Rose                                                                    
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

This Memorial Day, on behalf of The Carrington Companies, we thank our nation’s Veterans.
They will always be honored and remembered.