On Memorial Day, The Carrington Companies Honor our Country’s Fallen Heroes

May 22, 2020

A Memorial Day Message from Bruce Rose

From “The Fallen" by Duncan Campbell Scott:
Those we have loved the dearest,
The bravest and the best,
Are summoned from the battle
To their eternal rest.​

The willingness of America’s Veterans to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude. Whatever they could do for their country, they were willing to do – even though it could result in the ultimate sacrifice. In expressing our gratitude and admiration for those Heroes, we should endeavor to live by the principles and freedoms for which so many brave soldiers have fallen.

At The Carrington Companies, we hope to serve the fallen by honoring the Veterans among us. Through the Carrington Charitable Foundation, we are privileged to provide ongoing support to courageous military service members and their families through our Veteran-focused Signature Programs. These programs offer diverse assistance to Veterans by providing the Mobility, Stability, Purpose and Prosperity these Heroes need and deserve. Since Memorial Day 2019, we welcomed U.S. Army Specialist Michael Liscomb and his family into a Carrington House home. We are also currently breaking ground on the home for U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Matthew Miles and his family; and the homes for U.S. Army Sergeant Matthew Melancon and U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Michael Jernigan are currently in the planning stages.

Wherever you may find yourself on Memorial Day, please take a moment to pause and reflect on the memories, and the sacrifices, of those who stood tall and gave all they had to guard our freedoms.

Especially on this Memorial Day, we should all set aside thoughts of our own relatively trivial current sacrifices and restrictions, and recognize with reverence those who fought and sacrificed so we can all be free. 

On behalf of The Carrington Companies, we thank our nation's Veterans. Because we remember them, they will always live on.​ 

Bruce Rose
Chief Executive Officer & Founder


This Memorial Day, on behalf of The Carrington Companies, we thank our nation's Veterans.
They will always be honored and remembered.