Join Team Zachary for the 2016 Los Angeles Heart Walk

September 26, 2016

From time to time we share the stories of Carrington Associates who have a personal connection to a charity for which they’re raising funds. This time, we’d like to share the story of Tricia Cannon and her commitment to the American Heart Association’s 2016 Los Angeles Heart Walk, taking place on October 8th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.

Tricia’s son, Zachary, is now 10 years-old – but when he was just nine days old, he had surgery on his heart to correct a vascular ring. Vascular rings are unusual congenital anomalies that occur early in the development of the aortic arch and great vessels. This can affect the structures that are encircled by the ring, chiefly the trachea and esophagus. Quick diagnosis and treatment can be lifesaving, as it was for Zachary.

Zachary celebrated his 10th birthday this past June. June also marked a visit to the doctor, during which he was given a stress test on his heart to determine if he’ll need the insertion of a stent or balloon in his left pulmonary artery that will allow for more blood flow. If doctors decide such a procedure is necessary, Zachary will have to have to undergo a heart catheterization.

This is why Tricia walks and raises money for the American Heart Association. As she shared with us, “We have been doing the heart walk for 10 years, since my son was three months old. Zachary loves the fact that he means something to the American Heart Association and its employees. He loves to help raise money and greet the people who come to see him.”

Even though Zachary endures medical challenges, Tricia describes him as a happy boy who loves to play Wii – and who loves to bowl! He’s fascinated by cars and loves music, specifically piano and the guitar. Through her work with the American Heart Association − along with being tirelessly dedicated to her son’s wellbeing − Tricia wants to give Zachary many more years to enjoy all that life can bring – and she wants others to be aware of how swiftly life can change.

“The most important thing is for people to know is heart attacks and strokes can happen to anyone when you least expect it,” Tricia reminds us. “Your grandparents, parents, husband, wife, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and friends − even down to your babies. The last thing I expected was for my newborn baby to have heart surgery at nine days old.”

CCF will be helping Tricia in her quest. We’ll be supporting Tricia and her team by matching all funds raised for the Heart Walk, up to $5,000! Please visit Zachary’s fundraising page and donate generously to this cause. Let’s help Zachary thrive!