Fundraising Ideas Can Be Sweet!

January 16, 2018

The idea came from a couple of our Associates: Raise money for CCF with a “Pie Your Manager in the Face” stunt. (Hey, it’s sweeter and less chilling than the old Ice Bucket Challenge!) For evidence of how that turned out, check out this video.

If vaudeville slapstick and meringue aren’t your thing, you can still get your department involved in our charitable efforts and in your own community in other ways. Think fun and easy! Get your co-workers, friends and family involved – remember, our focus right now is “Engagement.” You don’t always have to donate dollars. Your time and service − and a little love − are just as valuable. Clean up a beach. Serve at a soup kitchen. Volunteer as an afterschool “homework helper.” Be a Big Brother or Big Sister. We want to hear what you’re doing. Reach out to us and let us know how are you are engaging, enhancing and improving the places where you live and work.

“Right now, we need kindness to come from your heart, and not just your wallet,” says Shelly Lawrence.

That’s an investment that pays off in positive benefits for everyone involved.