Four Associates Freezin’ for a Reason

March 19, 2020

Four brave men from our Westfield, IN, location recently participated in the 2020 Polar Plunge – jumping into a creek in the middle of winter to raise funds for Special Olympics Indiana. These hardy souls were (pictured above, left to right): 

Stephen Shawhan – Sales Manager, Retail Lending, Carrington Mortgage Services
Francisco Guzman – Loan Officer, Retail Center, Carrington Mortgage Services
Scott Sorenson – Loan Officer, Retail Center, Carrington Mortgage Services
John Petzke – Senior Loan Officer, Retail Center, Carrington Mortgage Services

Every year, Special Olympics Indiana hosts the Polar Plunge. Teams or individuals sign up to jump in chilly Eagle Creek, on the northwest side of Indianapolis. Because it was for a good cause, our guys decided to form a team and take the plunge.  

On the day of the event, the outside temperature was around 38 degrees, and the water temperature was only slightly warmer at 43 degrees. Because this was their first time, our guys were unaware they would have to wait around awhile before jumping in. 

“We made the mistake of getting into our suits and taking off our shoes way too early,” says John. “We ended up standing around for about an hour. When it was finally Team Shawdizzle’s turn, we hit the water as fast as we could, and made sure to go fully under. That was the agreement we had made beforehand, and we all did.” 

Thanks to the great support from other Associates and friends, Team Shawdizzle raised $1,465 for the cause, earning them a respectable 16th place out of 95 teams. 

“We want to thank everyone who supported us,” says John. “It was a great time for a great cause; and to quote the event’s slogan, we were freezin’ for a reason.”