CREG Supports Run Ranger Run

February 10, 2018

On foot, on bikes, in water and on weight machines, Carrington Associates from California to Connecticut formed 32 teams for this February’s Run Ranger Run fitness challenge fundraiser for GallantFew. Carrington Real Estate Group (CREG) Associates were far and away the biggest Carrington department participants, putting together 11 teams made up of 90 members willing to pile on the miles for a good cause.

How did they get such a big turnout? “We held a kick-off meeting ahead of February 1 to build awareness and to increase employee engagement up front,” says Julie Beamish, VP of Carrington Home Solutions in Anaheim. “Afterward, we had a big team sign-up rally. Since then we’ve been logging our miles, encouraging one another and raising funds through a variety of campaigns, including selling sandwiches, treat bags, donuts, etc.”

Many of the volunteers willing to add to their team’s 565-mile goal have close connections to the military. “My youngest son is in the 82nd Airborne Division and he’s a Ranger. It’s a no-brainer to support him,” says Michael Dorner, SVP of Carrington Property Services. “My daughter-in-law is Army, as well. They both recently returned from Afghanistan. Run Ranger Run is a great mechanism for helping Veterans like them return to civilian life.”

Dorner’s “Party of 10” team has been doing weight training and walking about four days a week all month, he says.

 “I think for us it’s something simple to do for the people who serve in the military,” says Dorner’s teammate, Renée Deane, EVP, Carrington Real Estate Services. “It’s a small sacrifice considering the ones they make every day for our freedom.”

“All of our teams have been so supportive,” adds Dorner. “We’re a small group. It’s been amazing the amount of participation we’ve had in this.”


Pictured at top is Jim McNellis, an Asset Manager with Carrington Property Services.