Creative Charity Challenge

July 20, 2016

It can seem like creating a charitable initiative is a huge undertaking, and that only the biggest events can create the most impact. But Peter Salce, President of Carrington Holding Company, has proven even the smallest acts of charity can change lives – even those of the people participating! In planning for his kids’ birthdays, he decided to instigate a different kind of celebration for his children: He encouraged their friends to donate to a charity chosen by his son and daughter. While his son chose a Lego-related charity, his daughter chose the CCF – and both those charities benefitted from the generosity of their friends, as each donated in lieu of giving presents! It was a small charitable act that made a big impact – on Peter’s family, their friends and the beneficiaries of all the donations made in honor of his children.

At CCF, we’re always encouraging our Associates to find new and inventive ways to bring charitable initiatives to our attention – and Peter has demonstrated a perfect way to make a little shift in focus that can help make a big difference for someone in need. Even if you find yourself participating in our monthly initiatives, there’s nothing saying you can’t do something extra for causes you care about on your own.

Some of our suggestions? Have family and friends donate to a charity you love in lieu of giving gifts during the holidays, or make it an annual family gift. Connect with social groups, alumni organizations and sports teams to help support causes that are important to you. Donate clothing and toiletries to women’s care shelters, or spend a lunch hour volunteering at a soup kitchen. And if that’s too much for your busy lifestyle, you can always find a worthwhile charity to donate to online – and you can do it in seconds.

There’s much work to be done, and so many organizations and deserving people and animals who need our help.