CCF Gift to GallantFew Helps Transitioning Veterans

July 30, 2017

As part of CCF’s expanding mandate to offer unparalleled support to our nation’s Veterans, we wanted to introduce you to an organization we believe is making a big difference in Veteran’s lives: GallantFew.

Self-described as a small charitable grassroots organization, GallantFew offers one-on-one mentoring by a Veteran with a Veteran, with the goal to help active duty military transition seamlessly into civilian life with the support of a like-minded Veteran who also has done the same. Knowing that transitioning can be difficult, and that many don’t share stories of their experience, mentors with GallantFew are encouraged to share their transition stories to encourage other Veterans not to feel frustrated or isolated.

GallantFew pairs these Veterans based on where they live, their branch of service, their occupational specialty, similar units of assignment, similar injuries and similar or same deployments. They believe the more commonalities Veteran “Guides” and “Future Guides” share, the stronger their bond, and the more seamless and supported their transition becomes.

CCF has gifted GallantFew more than $40,000 in donations during the past five years, but this past February, we wanted to give even more as a show of support for one of our own: In support of CCF Ambassador Michael Schlitz’s Run Ranger Run campaign this past February, CCF pledged $24,500 to GallantFew.

“The Carrington Charitable Foundation has helped GallantFew establish a strong foundation to provide critical support for Veterans unmatched by other organizations or the federal government,” said retired U.S. Army Reserve Maj. Karl Monger. “We are honored and humbled by their trust and support.”

Donations made to GallantFew continue to support Veteran transition initiatives, such as their signature program of connecting returning Veterans with transitioned Veterans. However, they’ve also helped Veterans in need, helping one to pay a bill, offering support to another on the verge of landing a new job, and helping others in need of immediate care, such as intensive in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

We are honored and proud to support such a worthwhile cause, and wish GallantFew and the Veterans they assist continued success going forward. Learn more about GallantFew, how our donations are helping and how you can make a donation here.