CCF Flies Veterans to Disney Half Marathon

February 04, 2014

Over the weekend, Carrington’s flight crew had the privilege to transport Veterans and their family members to the 2013 Cigna Walt Disney World Half Marathon in Florida on Saturday, January 12th. Competing through Achilles International, the “Freedom Team” that Carrington transported was comprised of patients from the Walter Reed Military Medical Hospital. With support from family and friends, these courageous Veterans who are double or triple amputees have been training to complete the 13.1 mile marathon and show their enduring competitive spirit in the face of adversity.

Achilles International provides Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with the opportunity to participate in mainstream athletics in order to promote personal achievement and enhance self-esteem. For the past six years, Carrington Holding Company’s subsidiary, Peregrine Jet, has worked with the Veterans Airlift Command (VAC) to transport patients from the Walter Reed Military Medical Hospital to compete in the Boston Marathon through Achilles International.

For the majority of the Veterans, this was their first trip out of the Walter Reed Medical Hospital since they entered the facility for treatment. Most of the Veterans in the marathon finished with better-than-expected race times and posted personal best scores. CCF was honored to be a part of their first experience outside of the facility and witness their astonishing accomplishments on the road to recovery.

Veterans competing on the “Freedom Team” included those that CCF has come to know and admire through our work with the VAC - many of the athletes have attended our Carrington Charitable Foundation’s Annual Golf Classic. Through collaboration with the VAC, CCF can assist Achilles International by providing running programs, equipment, and amenities that make it possible for military members with serious injuries to compete in athletics. Veterans in recovery build confidence by participating in these events, giving them goals to achieve during their difficult recovery and rehabilitation process.

“Achilles International is a wonderful program that does so much to support individuals with all types of disabilities,” shares Rosemary Rose, Chairman of the CCF Board. “CCF is proud to be available to the VAC and work with Achilles International to assist our Vets in their goals to compete in athletic events. Their courage is unfailing and we can all learn so much from their spirit and determination.”

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